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1. Text link: Takashi Kano's Home Page - econ.hit-u.ac.jp

Domain: www1.econ.hit-u.ac.jp

Link: http://www1.econ.hit-u.ac.jp/tkano/

Description: Takashi Kano's Home Page (Last update: April 2nd, 2016) Office Address. Professor Graduate School of Economics Hitotsubashi University

2. Text link: KITAMURA YUKINOBU Web Page - Hitotsubashi University Translate this page

Domain: ier.hit-u.ac.jp

Link: http://www.ier.hit-u.ac.jp/~kitamura/

Description: This site is best viewed with Netscape 4.0 or higher, and Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

3. Text link: Ryo Jinnai's Page - Hitotsubashi University

Domain: ier.hit-u.ac.jp

Link: http://www.ier.hit-u.ac.jp/~rjinnai/

Description: Ryo Jinnai. Associate Professor Institute of Economic Research Hitotsubashi University. 2-1 Naka, Kunitachi, Tokyo, 186-8603 Japan. [email protected]

4. Text link: Hitotsubashi University

Domain: hit-u.ac.jp

Link: http://www.hit-u.ac.jp/eng/

Description: Hitotsubashi University Library website will be unavailable due to server maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenienc... Read More »

5. Text link: Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics

Domain: econ.hit-u.ac.jp

Link: http://www.econ.hit-u.ac.jp/~koho/english/research/journal.html

Description: The Department of Economics at Hitotsubashi University is among Asia's most respected and comprehensive. The undergraduate program has one thousand students. The program has the option of a 5-year combined B.A. and M.A. program. Our graduate program has approximately 200 graduate students. The campus and its neighborhood is quite pleasant.

6. Text link: hit-u.ac.jp - 一橋大学 Translate this page

Domain: hit-u.ac.jp

Link: http://www.hit-u.ac.jp/index.html

Description: 「Captains of Industryとは、混沌、必然、諸悪に対して戦い、人類を導く真の勇者である」 (トーマス・カーライル『過去と現在』)

7. Text link: ‘Forest bathing’ is latest fitness trend to hit U.S ...

Domain: washingtonpost.com

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2016/05/17/forest-bathing-is-latest-fitness-trend-to-hit-u-s-where-yoga-was-30-years-ago/

Description: Coined by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1982, the term centers on the therapeutic aspects of being in nature.

8. Text link: Hitotsubashi University Business School(HUB) Translate this page

Domain: hub.hit-u.ac.jp

Link: http://www.hub.hit-u.ac.jp/eng/

Description: 一橋ビジネススクール(HUB:Hitotsubashi University Business School)オフィシャルポータルサイト。MBAプログラムのHUB経営分析、HUB経営管理、HUB金融戦略・経営財務、HUB国際企業戦略(ICS)などの最新情報をお届けします。

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