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1. Text link: Hassan Nisar Official Urdu News Website

Domain: hassannisar.pk

Link: https://hassannisar.pk/

Description: سن نثار ڈاٹ پی کے سینئر تجزیہ نگار اور کالم نویس حسن نثار کی ملکیت ہے، یہ ویب سائٹ پاکستان سمیت دنیا بھر سے تازہ ترین اور دلچسپ خبریں پیش کرتاہے، شوبز، کرائم ، سیاست ، کھیل کے میدانوں کی لمحہ بہ لمحہ بدلتی صورتحال اور صحت ...

2. Text link: Hassan Nisar - YouTube

Domain: www.youtube.com

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_5dp280YD12kh0xd9LVkGA

Description: Hassan Nisar appears as guest in his show " Meray Mutabiq" with Shajia Niazi. This is the official YouTube Channel of Hassan Nisar. This Channel Provide you ...

3. Text link: Hassan Nisar - Wikipedia

Domain: en.wikipedia.org

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hassan_nisar

Description: Hassan Nisar ( Urdu: حسن نثار ‎; born 5 July 1951) is a Pakistani journalist, newspaper columnist and a TV news analyst. Hassan Nisar started his career first as a journalist. Later he became a TV talk show host on Choraha on Geo News in 2008. Then he started appearing as a political commentator on TV talk show Meray Mutabiq.

4. Text link: Hassan Nisar - Home | Facebook

Domain: www.facebook.com

Link: https://www.facebook.com/hassan.nisar

Description: Hassan Nisar. 2.2M likes. Hassan Nisar Columnist, Writer, TV, Political Analyst, Poet, Playwright, and Author. News Personality.

5. Text link: Hassan Nisar - Meray Mutabiq - YouTube

Domain: www.youtube.com

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8m-lFNJKANXiLf5TWOA1IA

Description: Meray Mutabiq #MerayMutabiq is an opinionated program whose core objective is to get a critical and realistic analysis of the multiple challenges facing toda...

6. Text link: Hassan Nisar | Daily Urdu Columns

Domain: dailyurducolumns.com

Link: https://dailyurducolumns.com/hassan-nisar/1

Description: Hassan Nisar / Page 1. Haqiqi Villian American Nahi Ashrafia. Hassan Nisar March 02, 2013 Dunya 921 1 0 . Tehreek Insaf Ka Jamhoori Thapar. Hassan Nisar February 28, 2013 Dunya 570 0 0 . Dastan Dar Dastan, Bilaunwan. Hassan Nisar February 27, 2013 Dunya 358 0 0 . Tabdeeli. Hassan Nisar February 26, 2013 Dunya 338 0 0 .

7. Text link: Senior Journalist Hassan Nisar's Son Claims He Is An ...

Domain: www.parhlo.com

Link: https://www.parhlo.com/hassan-nisar-son-abusive-behavior/

Description: Senior columnist, and an analyst Hassan Nisar is one of the biggest names of the Pakistan media industry. He is one of the most followed and influential personalities. However, recently a different side of his family life grabbed headlines on social media. Nisar was married to a script-writer and ...

8. Text link: Hassan Nisar - Columns - Choraha - Jang Columns - Urdu ...

Domain: jang.com.pk

Link: https://jang.com.pk/writer/hassan-nisar

Description: Read all columns of Hassan Nisar Reads Hassan Nisar Columns, Choraha, Jang Columns, Urdu Columns on Daily Jang Newspaper.

9. Text link: What is Hassan Nisar's stature in Pakistan? - Quora

Domain: www.quora.com

Link: https://www.quora.com/What-is-Hassan-Nisars-stature-in-Pakistan

Description: Well, Zaid Hamid is a character that most Pakistanis are tired of..Hate and fear mongering is what he does best. Plus the ridiculous conspiracies that he never fails to mention. The youth's fav is of course, Hassan Nisar...He is indeed a reformist...

10. Text link: Who is Hassan Nisar? - Quora

Domain: www.quora.com

Link: https://www.quora.com/Who-is-Hassan-Nisar

Description: He is an erudite Pakistani intellectual and both respected and hated in India and Pakistan due to his direct and no nonsense criticism of Pakistan and subcontinental political leadership as a whole. He studied economics in graduate level. But has ...

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