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1. Text link: International University of Managment

Domain: www.ium.edu.na

Link: http://www.ium.edu.na/

Description: IUM INTRODUCES STUDENT‘S EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME (SEP) During its 15th graduation ceremony today, the IUM conferred an honorary Doctorate degree in Business and Entrepreneurship (DBE), to the well-known business personality, Mr Sven Thieme, for a substantive and progressive entrepreneurial career in Namibia.


Domain: ium.com.vn

Link: http://ium.com.vn/iumchem/

Description: IUM Co., Ltd has been established on 21st JAN, 2011, and IUM Logistics Co.,Ltd as JVC has been founded on 17th March, 2018. In 6 years, IUMCHEM has been launched on 1st JAN, 2018 as subsidiary. IUMCHEM has been starting the chemical logistics business with new challenge spirit in the extremely overheated competition market according to ...

3. Text link: IUM LOGISTICS

Domain: ium.com.vn

Link: http://ium.com.vn/

Description: IUM LOGISTICS considers customer value as its top priority. Our company guarantees fast, precise, safe, and cost-effective shipping services. IUM LOGISTICS considers customer value as its top priority. Our company guarantees fast, precise, safe, and cost-effective shipping services. Home; About IUM.

4. Text link: Welcome to IUM - International University of Monaco

Domain: www.monaco.edu

Link: https://www.monaco.edu/

Description: The International University of Monaco is a partner of INSEEC U., one of the leading French educational institutions with campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambery, London, Monaco, Geneva, Shanghai, and San Francisco. MBA Insights. How the IUM MBA will transform your career. - YouTube. International University of Monaco - IUM.

5. Text link: -ium | Definition of -ium at Dictionary.com

Domain: www.dictionary.com

Link: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/-ium

Description: -ium definition, a suffix found on nouns borrowed from Latin, especially derivatives of verbs (odium; tedium; colloquium; delirium), deverbal compounds with the initial element denoting the object of the verb (nasturtium), other types of compounds (equilibrium; millennium), and derivatives of personal nouns, often denoting the associated status or office (collegium; consortium; magisterium ...

6. Text link: Insurance Underwriting Managers - IUM

Domain: www.ium.co

Link: https://www.ium.co/

Description: IUM, underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited, is the largest independently owned underwriting manager in Southern Africa, offering brokers and their client’s insurance solutions that are comprehensive and cost-effective. Our solid financial backing, years of insurance experience and advanced integrated software systems ensure we remain at the forefront of this highly competitive ...

7. Text link: Course Catalog - Islamic University of Maldives | IUM

Domain: www.ium.edu.mv

Link: https://www.ium.edu.mv/course-catalog/

Description: Course Name MNQF Level Course Duration Course Fee Kulliyyah/Centre

8. Text link: Islamic University of Maldives | IUM

Domain: www.ium.edu.mv

Link: https://www.ium.edu.mv/

Description: First Islamic University in the Maldives. Largest Islamic Finance Library in the Maldives. Knowledgeable expertise that reflect current educational perspectives. Academic Programs are accredited by Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA)

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