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1. Text link: Kotlin Programming Language

Domain: kotlinlang.org

Link: https://kotlinlang.org/

Description: Multiplatform Mobile. The natural way to share code between mobile platforms. Server-side. Modern development experience with familiar JVM technology

2. Text link: Kotlin docs—Kotlin - kotlinlang.org

Domain: kotlinlang.org

Link: https://kotlinlang.org/docs/home.html

Description: Get started with Kotlin. You can get started with Kotlin using an online editor. If you already have an IDE or you are ready to install one, here are also some ways ...

3. Text link: Kotlin (programming language) - Wikipedia

Domain: en.wikipedia.org

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kotlinlang.org

Description: History. In July 2011, JetBrains unveiled Project Kotlin, a new language for the JVM, which had been under development for a year. JetBrains lead Dmitry Jemerov said that most languages did not have the features they were looking for, with the exception of Scala.However, he cited the slow compilation time of Scala as a deficiency. One of the stated goals of Kotlin is to compile as quickly as Java.

4. Text link: GitHub - JetBrains/kotlin: The Kotlin Programming Language

Domain: github.com

Link: https://github.com/jetbrains/kotlin

Description: Kotlin Programming Language. Welcome to Kotlin! It is an open-source, statically typed programming language supported and developed by JetBrains and open-source contributors.. Some handy links:

5. Text link: Kotlin Playground: Edit, Run, Share Kotlin Code Online

Domain: play.kotlinlang.org

Link: https://play.kotlinlang.org/hands-on/overview

Description: A series of hands-on labs where you can create applications with Kotlin using a variety of different technologies and targeting multiple platforms.

6. Text link: Kotlin style guide | Android Developers

Domain: developer.android.com

Link: https://developer.android.com/kotlin/style-guide

Description: (* Acceptable, but not recommended.) Note: Some words are ambiguously hyphenated in the English language: for example “nonempty” and “non-empty” are both correct, so the method names checkNonempty and checkNonEmpty are likewise both correct. Documentation Formatting. The basic formatting of KDoc blocks is seen in this example: /** * Multiple lines of KDoc text are written here ...

7. Text link: Kotlin cheatsheet

Domain: devhints.io

Link: https://devhints.io/kotlin

Description: Functions Documentation (kotlinlang.org) Classes Documentation (kotlinlang.org) Destructuring Declarations (kotlinlang.org) 0 Comments for this cheatsheet. Write yours! devhints.io / Over 352 curated cheatsheets, by developers for developers. Devhints home Other Java & JVM cheatsheets. Top cheatsheets.

8. Text link: Gradle - Plugin: org.jetbrains.kotlin.plugin.spring

Domain: plugins.gradle.org

Link: https://plugins.gradle.org/plugin/org.jetbrains.kotlin.plugin.spring

Description: Using the plugins DSL: plugins { id "org.jetbrains.kotlin.plugin.spring" version "1.5.0-M1" } Using legacy plugin application: buildscript { repositories { maven ...

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