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1. Text link: LEMAG | Home Page - LEMAG

Domain: lemag.pro

Link: http://lemag.pro/

Description: LEMAG is a wonderfully put together and professional magazine, it has inspired me to explore this amazing genre much further, and made my photography exciting again. Keith Gordon Photographer. On today’s photography panorama, it’s easy to be different but not better. LEMAG is clearly a step ahead in terms of quality from the usual magazine.

2. Text link: MSHS - LEMAG - Engine Performance Analysis

Domain: www.mshs.com

Link: https://www.mshs.com/lemag.htm



Domain: www.lemag.equip4ship.com

Link: http://www.lemag.equip4ship.com/

Description: LEMAG mechanical cylinder pressure indicators are known worldwide. There are three different types of mechanical indicators available for slow (LEMAG Typ 50-M3), medium (LEMAG Typ 30-M2) and highspeed engines (LEMAG Typ 25-M). The first electronic indicator for pressure measuring was introduced in 1985. PREMET electronic indicators are known ...

4. Text link: LEMAG Catalogue | Calibration | Internal Combustion …

Domain: www.scribd.com

Link: https://www.scribd.com/doc/182314627/LEMAG-Catalogue

Description: LEMAG-Pressotest (digital) The pneumatic pressure calibrator with electronic digital gauge as a complete unit. Check the setpoint of pressure switches & transmitters and/or the calibration of the gauges by using only one tool. LEMAG -Pressotest (digital) can simulate dropping and raising pressure.

5. Text link: Electronic Cylinder Pressure Indicator / ECI | Chris-Marine

Domain: www.chris-marine.com

Link: https://www.chris-marine.com/product/electronic-cylinder-pressure-indicator-eci/

Description: Feb 27, 2019 · LEMAG ECI has a safe, innovative and precise crank angle sensor (optional), which delivers unmatched reading accuracy; LEMAG ECI is an intuitive and easy-to-use electronic cylinder pressure indicator; Intuitive & easy to use. LEMAG ECI is easy to use even while wearing gloves. The ergonomic handheld unit shows measurements on a large color display.

6. Text link: Pressure Calibrator LEMAG / PRESSOTEST | Chris-Marine

Domain: www.chris-marine.com

Link: https://www.chris-marine.com/product/pressure-calibrator-pressotest/

Description: Pressure Calibrator LEMAG / PRESSOTEST. Chris-Marine offers a range of pumps and precision instruments for calibration and testing of pressure transmitters, switches and gauges. Pneumatic: -1 .. +30 bar (optional 60 bar) Hydraulic: 0 .. 300 bar, 0 .. 700 bar, 0 .. 1000 bar. Digital read-out with automatic max./min. memory.

7. Text link: 45 WinMag M1 Carbine! - CMP Forums

Domain: forums.thecmp.org

Link: http://forums.thecmp.org/showthread.php?t=171979

Description: Aug 09, 2015 · 45 WinMag M1 Carbine! M1 Carbine. I have one I purchased from LeMag. Le mag modified standard USGI mags by welding the two protrusions stamped on the back of the mags (these protrusions are what the mag catch hold to keep the mags locked in the mag well).

8. Text link: La rémunération du chef d'entreprise, comment ça marche

Domain: www.lemagdeleconomie.com

Link: https://www.lemagdeleconomie.com/dossier-15-remuneration-chef-entreprise.html

Description: La rémunération du chef d’entreprise dépend de son statut social vis-à-vis de l’affaire qu’il a créée. En règle générale, le dirigeant n’est pas lié à sa société par un contrat de travail mais par un mandat social.

9. Text link: What do you need to know about the LeMag system?

Domain: www.mshs.com

Link: https://www.mshs.com/lemag.htm

Description: The PREMET® product range includes online systems that enable 24/7 cylinder pressure monitoring. LEMAG Shaftpower® is a permanently installed power measuring system that measures the actual power output of a ship’s propulsion engine.

10. Text link: What does a LeMag cylinder pressure indicator do?

Domain: www.chris-marine.com

Link: https://www.chris-marine.com/product/electronic-cylinder-pressure-indicator-eci/

Description: LEMAG ECI is an Electronic cylinder pressure indicator which improves engine uptime and lowers operating costs. LEMAG ECI allows technicians to balance, fine tune and monitor auxiliary and main engines.

11. Text link: What kind of system does MSHS LeMag engine use?

Domain: www.mshs.com

Link: https://www.mshs.com/lemag.htm

Description: These systems include LEMAG CONTROLmag®, automatic control in fuel change-over systems, the type-approved LEMAG®FQI homogenizer for fuel quality improvement and the LEMAG Slashpol® E water-in-fuel emulsifier for NOx reduction.

12. Text link: How does the LeMag slashpol E reduce NOx?

Domain: www.mshs.com

Link: https://www.mshs.com/lemag.htm

Description: The LEMAG Slashpol® E can reduce NOx and particle emissions by adding water to the fuel oil. The emulsifier creates a homogeneous water-in-fuel emulsion with an average droplet size of approx. 5 µm, which enables emissions to be reduced across the engine’s operating range.

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