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1. Text link: Pixnet

Domain: www.pixnet.net

Link: https://www.pixnet.net/

Description: 痞客邦為台灣最大興趣社交媒體,提供社群服務「邦邦」,讓你與更多興趣同好開啟交流;「部落格」服務匯聚豐富多元的內容,無論是美食、旅遊、親子、3c、電影、美妝資訊,通通都在痞客邦!

2. Text link: 部落格首頁 痞客邦 - Pixnet

Domain: www.pixnet.net

Link: https://www.pixnet.net/blog/

Description: 最豐富最多樣內容,集合網友嘔心瀝血之作,點閱率居高不下,偶像名人也紛紛加入這股痞客邦 pixnet 風潮,你也可以創造一個個人專屬創作的天地

3. Text link: PIXNET 客服中心

Domain: help.pixnet.tw

Link: https://help.pixnet.tw/

Description: [公告] PIXNET、GliaCloud 合作「一鍵轉影音」APP 於痞客邦應用市集上架 [公告] PIXNET、鐘點大師合作「接案加速器APP」於痞客邦應用市集上架; 全新痞客邦上線!邀您 5/9 搶先體驗 [公告] 痞客邦『新發文工具』上線囉!快來分享你的第一篇『新型態文章』吧!

4. Text link: Pixnet - Wikipedia

Domain: en.wikipedia.org

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixnet

Description: PIXNET is an online Taiwanese mobile photo sharing, blogging, and social networking service, started in 2003, that enables its users to store pictures or create blogs and share them either publicly or privately on its website. The service is also available as an application, PIXNET is available at the App Store and the Google Play Store. The service has a large user following in Taiwan, but ...

5. Text link: pixnet: PIXNET

Domain: pixnet.santannapisa.it

Link: http://pixnet.santannapisa.it/

Description: The Photonic Integrated Circuits, Sensors and NETworks (PIXNET) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree is a two-year programme (120 ECTS) aimed at training talented students in the design, creation and assessment of innovative integrated devices based on photonic technologies. The set of learning outcomes include the theoretical design of system/network devices, the design and simulation of a ...

6. Text link: PIXNET - Home | Facebook

Domain: www.facebook.com

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pixnet.tw/

Description: PIXNET, 台北市. 4,207 likes · 90 talking about this · 1,000 were here. PIXNET 創立於2003年,2006年成立「優像數位媒體科技股份有限公司」,旗下服務包含:痞客邦、PIXinsight、PIXgoods、PIXmarketing,我們期許讓每個人都能享受豐富、便捷的生活體驗。

7. Text link: 痞客邦 邦邦 - 你的興趣話題交流圈 - Pixnet

Domain: streamtopic.pixnet.net

Link: https://streamtopic.pixnet.net/828

Description: 賀~痞客邦會員經驗值系統上線,「痞客邦」邦邦經營也跟著進化變身,除了有龐大官方邦主陣容駐站外,未來將邀請有聲量,或活躍於痞客邦世界的神人進駐,讓邦民在「痞客邦」邦邦找到自己的興趣同好,快邀請朋友加入一起遨遊全新痞客邦宇宙。

8. Text link: PIXNET Case Study - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Domain: aws.amazon.com

Link: https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/pixnet/

Description: PIXNET Digital Media Corporation (PIXNET), headquartered in Taiwan, serves as a social network website, online photo gallery, and blog service provider.The company is developing a large user following in the Greater China region. The web information company, Alexa, reports that PIXNET currently ranks eighth for total visitor traffic within Taiwan and ranks 858 for total visitor traffic worldwide.

9. Text link: Pixnet - 痞客邦 邦邦 - 你的興趣話題交流圈

Domain: streamtopic.pixnet.net

Link: https://streamtopic.pixnet.net/

Description: 專屬你的共同話題的交流圈。

10. Text link: 痞客邦3C 痞客邦 - Pixnet

Domain: tech3c.pixnet.net

Link: https://tech3c.pixnet.net/

Description: 集合各項3C話題,包含數位生活、攝影寫真、電玩動漫還有汽機車等,獻給喜愛數位話題的你!

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