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1. Text link: Quod Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

Domain: www.merriam-webster.com

Link: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/quod

Description: The meaning of quod is prison. the robbers who made off with nearly a half million pounds will likely spend a good long time in quod

2. Text link: Specialist Planning and Development Consultants - Quod

Domain: www.quod.com

Link: https://www.quod.com/

Description: Quod is a dynamic independent consultancy at the cutting edge of planning, development economics, socio-economics and environmental planning based in London and Leeds. Quod.com uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. We also use non-essential cookies to help us improve the experience for visitors, learn about how our site is ...

3. Text link: Quod - definition of quod by The Free Dictionary

Domain: www.thefreedictionary.com

Link: https://www.thefreedictionary.com/quod

Description: [C18: of uncertain origin; perhaps changed from quad, short for quadrangle]

4. Text link: What does quod mean in Latin? - WordHippo

Domain: www.wordhippo.com

Link: https://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/the-meaning-of/latin-word-0e5b24a7d69b48d947fc580ee1f02d2bfa2708ae.html

Description: English words for quod include because, and, why, fact that, now that, but, as far as, point that, since that and since. Find more Latin words at wordhippo.com!

5. Text link: quod - Wiktionary

Domain: en.wiktionary.org

Link: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/quod


6. Text link: People - Quod

Domain: www.quod.com

Link: https://www.quod.com/people/

Description: Quod have offices in London and Leeds. Our focus on delivering the right outcomes has earned us the privilege of working with a wide range of brilliant clients on some of the most exciting projects in the country. This has helped us to recruit and retain some of the very best people in the industry. Everyone in Quod contributes to us staying at ...

7. Text link: Quod | Handmade scented and organic candles

Domain: quod.se

Link: https://quod.se/

Description: A traditional 60mm kenzan from Quod that is designed to arrange flowers and keep them upright. The product consists black steel needles surrounded by a rubber ring that keeps everything in place. At the same time, the rubber ring protects the vase or bowl in which it stands.

8. Text link: Client Login - Quodd Market Data workstation for Financial

Domain: www.quodd.com

Link: https://www.quodd.com/client-login/

Description: Quodd Financial Information Services include an easy-to-use platform for trading data, financial planning & investment. Equity+ offers a security workstation for understanding live market data.

9. Text link: What does quod mean in Latin?

Domain: en.wikipedia.org

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q.E.D

Description: Jump to navigation Jump to search. Q.E.D. or QED (sometimes italicized) is an initialism of the Latin phrase "quod erat demonstrandum", literally meaning "what was to be shown".

10. Text link: Is Quod a Scrabble word?

Domain: www.wordunscrambler.net

Link: https://www.wordunscrambler.net/scrabble-word-meaning/quod

Description: QUOD. Here are the details, including the meaning, point value, and more about the Scrabble word QUOD.Below . quod is worth 14 points in the game of Scrabble

11. Text link: What is the plural of quod?

Domain: www.wordhippo.com

Link: https://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/the-plural-of/quod.html

Description: Answer The plural form of quod is quods.

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