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1. Text link: fc.univcoop.or.jp

Domain: fc.univcoop.or.jp

Link: http://fc.univcoop.or.jp/login/

Description: We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2. Text link: シェアNo.1のクラウドグループウェア「cybozu.com」サイボウズ株式会社

Domain: univcoop-tokai.cybozu.com

Link: https://univcoop-tokai.cybozu.com/

Description: We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

3. Text link: univcoop.or.jp - 全国大学生活協同組合連合会 ...

Domain: www.univcoop.or.jp

Link: http://www.univcoop.or.jp/

Description: 全国大学生活協同組合連合会(全国大学生協連)のホームページ。大学生協の組織や事業、活動の紹介や、充実した大学生活を送るためのアドバイスなどを掲載しています。

4. Text link: UNIV.CO-OP National Federation University Co-operative ...

Domain: www.univcoop.or.jp

Link: https://www.univcoop.or.jp/en/index.html

Description: UNIV.CO-OP National Federation University Co-operative Associations in Japan. 2017.9.25|What's New Introducing Fair Trade Products to Freshmen of Tsu City College

5. Text link: 大学生協のカスタムpc

Domain: custompc.univcoop.or.jp

Link: http://custompc.univcoop.or.jp/

Description: パソコンを買替えようと思うけど、目的に合うスペックのpcが見つからないと、お困りではありませんか? 大学生協のカスタマイズpcサイトなら、簡単に利用目的に合わせてpcをオリジナルカスタマイズできます。

6. Text link: kyosai.univcoop.or.jp - 大学生協の学生総合共済

Domain: kyosai.univcoop.or.jp

Link: https://kyosai.univcoop.or.jp/

Description: 大学生には大学生協の保障制度。全国大学生活協同組合連合会(全国大学生協連)は、学生のための共済・保険をおすすめし ...

7. Text link: tsukaikata - kochi-univcoop.com

Domain: kochi-univcoop.com

Link: https://kochi-univcoop.com/index/tsukaikata.pdf

Description: Title: tsukaikata Created Date: 10/10/2019 10:24:10 AM

8. Text link: A C - kyosai.univcoop.or.jp

Domain: kyosai.univcoop.or.jp

Link: https://kyosai.univcoop.or.jp/english/pdf/pdf_en_kyosai.pdf

Description: AR—Y<http://kyosai. univcoop. or. E 0120-335-770 http://kyosai. unj vcoop. or. jp/ 7-166-0003 -1 2-4 Ito

9. Text link: www.office.com/setup IC 25 : wmrv.office.com/jpfppsetup ...

Domain: software.univcoop.or.jp

Link: https://software.univcoop.or.jp/s/item/MSWord_2016.pdf

Description: www.office.com/setup IC 25 : wmrv.office.com/jpfppsetup : www.support.microsoft.com Microsoft Word 2016 FOR JAPAN ONLY 5-39 www.office.com/information/

10. Text link: seq.univcoop.or.jp

Domain: seq.univcoop.or.jp

Link: http://seq.univcoop.or.jp/seq/pdf/SEQ-pamphlet2017_01.pdf

Description: Created Date: 3/18/2017 9:04:25 AM

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